Our work

We develop our main scientific work in the fields of systems biology and bioinformatics
by high-performance computing techniques and tools

Our Publications


We develop bioinformatic softwares available as web services, RESTful APIs and command line tools


A collection of genomic, clinical and functional annotations for all nucleotide changes that cause non-synonymous substitutions in human mitochondrial protein coding genes


A Python package and a command-line tool that eases the analysis of graphs


A tool for the automated functional annotation of human Copy Number Variants using information about protein coding and protein non-coding genes and regulatory regions


A tool to explore, analyze and validate oscillatory rhythms across transcriptomes

We study biological networks and interactive systems by

● Framing and modeling biological events through formal and standard languages

● Analyzing structural, static and dynamic properties (topology inspection, Importance ranking, logic properties verification, pedigree analysis)

● Simulating complex macro-events

● Planning and scheduling experimental workflows

● Efficiently handling and managing biological data

We deal with

● NGS data analysis (mapping, targeted resequencing, exon counting, small InDels, SNPs, CNVs and fusion splicing finding)

● Microarray data analysis (pre-processing, segmentation and CNVs finding, allele-specific genotyping)

● Analysis of the potential risks of the genetic mutations according to protein structure changes and to ancestral conservation evidences

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