VRare: Immersive VR experiences exploring rare genetic diseases by fostering inclusive scientific education through gamified, interactive learning. Developed by experts, it aims to revolutionize medical education and accessibility through Virtual Reality.

The VRare project

VRare was born in 2023 when the team was admitted to present Glut1fy at the innovation and discovery fair "Maker Faire - The European Edition," held in Rome in October 2023.
Glut1fy: Understanding Rare Diseases Through the Lenses of VR was the first prototype of a virtual environment where we talked about the Glut1-Deficiency Syndrome, a rare neurogenetic disease that the team has studied for a long time in collaboration with the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
It was developed by resorting to the Unity Game Engine, specifically exploiting the SteamVR framework and employing original assets modeled in Blender and other 3D-modeling software.

Hence, by exploiting multisensory teaching and gamification, VRare seeks to communicate rare genetic diseases to a wider audience, including:

  • patients and their families
  • scholars and teachers
  • healthcare workers
  • association of patients

with a particular focus on

  • inclusivity
  • accessibility

VRare aims at boosting engagement and retention and transforming the reference context for these diseases to ultimately lead to increased support, greater attention, and advances in diagnosis, research, and therapies.